Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Finale Review **spoilers!**

We took a lot of unexpected turn to get to this point, but why are we so happy that this drama is finally ending?

The drama makes you really think that Jun is dead when Jun’s mother visits Ra-Ra. She’s crying, Grandpa’s crying, and soon every character is crying. The director must have really been trying to convince viewers that Jun is dead. We all believe it. Until the last two minutes of the drama.

Jun is seen running in the sunset up to La La Land to see Ra-Ra! Hoorah! Jun is somehow magically cured of his leukemia FIVE YEARS LATER. I’m wondering if Ra-Ra had already found someone else? Was Ra-Ra just waiting around for Jun all this time?

We’re left wondering at the end of 16 episodes if this drama was really worth watching all the way through. It was nevertheless an enjoyable, lighthearted time in La La Land.

See the scene below.

Jun and Ra-Ra finally reunite after his battle with leukemia. Video: The Swoon

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has been hilarious, suspenseful, and in the end, tearful.

Watch Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol available on Netflix now.

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