Sweet Home Episode 1 Recap & Review

The story begins in the post apocalyptic view of a loner, walking through a field of bloody human monsters. He walks toward a military base and gets shot at, hundreds of times. Yet he remains alive?? Now we’re at present time, and he’s moving into an apartment after his entire family dies for reasons not explained.

There’s a strange cop that seems to get infected after a woman gives him a package of rotten fish and he starts bleeding profusely from his nose. Yuck! A strange woman who’s hungry for blood knocks on the loner’s door one night and her transformation is totally freaky! Her face looks like a lizard and a rocky volcano surface at the same time.

A gangster with a gnarly face scar is tying up a monster? and a rebel ballerina is seen smoking with this gangster. Perhaps this gangster knows more about this world as he is a man of few words.

Next scene we see this long limbed alien looking creature terrorizing the residents, killing one of them in the process. The ending of the episode leaves you wondering more, as all the human turned monsters are unveiled to the world and the residents of the apartment. Lee Si Young is obviously the bad ass chick character, and Lee Do Hyun is the cute brains of the apartment complex. They both are the characters who singlehandedly saved the apartment.

The ending leaves you curious, as the loner is seen bleeding profusely from his nose, presumably turning into a blood hungry monster.

This drama seems like it will have many jump scares, lots of blood, and tons of monsters to scare audiences. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how these monsters will come to life in the rest of the season. I am so excited to see more of the dynamics between Kang, Jin Wook, Si Young, and Do Hyun!

On to episode 2!

Sweet Home is available to stream on Netflix now.

What did you think of episode 1? Are you going to watch the rest of the series? Let us know in the comments and follow us to receive more updates on Korean dramas that we’re watching now!

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