Sweet Home Episode 2 Short Recap

Starting off, we get Hyun Soo’s tragic backstory of how his family died. Oof. They died because another driver turned into a monster and crashed into them, and Hyun soo didn’t go because he didn’t want to leave his room and just play video games instead.

Next scene, Min-Si accidentally falls down the stairs with the gangster walking past her. Suddenly the demon looking girl that was harassing Hyun Soo earlier bites into the gangster’s neck scaring the shit out of me. He’s unfazed though as he kicks the shit out of the demon girl into the wall, but literally ALLT HE BLOOD SPLATTERS ONTO Min-Si, even into her eye. That was definitely not CGI!

The religious guy (Jae Heon) that chopped a guy’s head half off basically created a monster that has superhuman hearing with no sight. This elf looking monster is then looking around Hyun Soo’s room, but luckily Hyun Soo barely manages to avoid getting noticed by this elf demon.Jae Heon and Ji Su (Guitar girl) are then saving the guy that was tied up in the gangster’s room, although he seems kind of creepy and oddly suspicious.

Now a giant eyeball monster (Super creepy!) is trying to suffocate Hyun Soo anaconda style, after he tried to save two young children a couple floors below him. Luckily an older man that lives on the same floor saves him, by severing the giant eyeball’s grip. Hyun Soo meets with this old man who then creates an electrical sword contraption, so he can kill the headless elf monster. Hyun Soo manages to successfully eletrocute the healdless elf, but we all know it isn’t dead yet until we see decapitation!

Hyun Soo electrocuting the headless elf!

Eun Hyuk (omo cute medical student boy) then sends the firefighter Yi Kyung down to the electrical room, even though he’s already seen some spider-like creature down there through the CCTV cameras. That creature looked so nasty on the cameras! Hopefully, we will get good action sequences with this creature in the upcoming episode!

The episode ends with Hyun Soo saving the two young children from earlier, but seemingly begins to bleed from his nose profusely at the end of the episode again. Oh no! He’s turning and he’s with the children! He tells them to run, while his eyes turn completely black and while smiling devilishly at the camera. ~end of episode 2~

Okay now I’m definitely hooked on this drama! These monsters are just starting to get even more scary, not to mention the detail of the monster makeup! These creature look super creepy and gross, it’s very pleasant to see more practical effects of monsters rather than just the usual CGI! Onto episode 3! Will we see what happened to Yi Kyung after she went down into the electrical room? We’re hoping!

What did you think of episode 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you liked this post, please follow and like our blog if you’d like to see more!

Sweet Home is available to watch Netflix now!

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