Sweet Home Episode 3 Recap

We jump back into the scene of Hyun Soo saving the children from the fat giant monster, but as he’s going into sicko mode and getting pummeled by the monster, Jae-Heon (religious guy) slashes up the monster with his katana, only weakening it. Ji Su and Jae Heon manage to save Hyun Soo, but where are the children? The children manage to come face to face with the sightless elf monster, trying to be as quiet as possible. The scene is incredibly tense, but luckily the fat giant monster begins to punch the absolute life out of the elf monster! Now that’s taken care of!

The woman who lost her baby (Myung Sook) ends up saving the children when the fat giant monster is wanting to start trouble with them, but ends up turning into a monster as well. She seems normal, but the monster is just dormant inside of her i suppose. Jae Heon ends up tricking the fat monster into running into a window, causing it to fall to the group outside of the apartment building.

Cut to the chase, Yi Kyung is seen dangling and entangled in a web down in the electrical room. OMG someone come and save her please!

The guy that the “gangster” (Sang Wook) had tied up earlier (Yoon Jae) is then handing out snacks to the residents but Hye In’s dog keeps barking at him. There’s also stained blood inside of the suitcase that is holding all the snacks. Dogs never lie people, and they can definitely sense evil!

Next major scene, Cha Jin Ok’s daughter is seen running back to the apartment complex to reunite with her mother. But this drama can’t have any happy endings right? Just as her daughter is running up and an army man runs to the daughter to save her, a monster reaches its long ass tentacles out and pierces the daughter RIGHT THROUGH HER HEART and into the soldier’s chest cavity, killing them both. This is so heart wrenching as the mother Cha Jin Ok is right there watching everything unfold before her eyes. The episode ends as we see the tentacle monster suck out the blood and insides of Cha Jin Ok’s daughter… Onto episode 4!

What did you think of episode 3? Let us know how you like Sweet Home so far in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to watch on Netflix now!

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