Sweet Home Episode 4 Recap

Jumping right into the action, we see Yi Kyung presumably hanging upside down with the freaky red-eyed spider monster biting into what we think is her body. Just as its biting into its prey, we see Yi Kyung stripped of her clothes, pushing herself upright into the above vents. YES! Yi Kyung’s body is completely ripped might I add and looks so badass while trying to escape from the spider monster while navigating a way out of the vents. This scene is super nail-biting because just as she’s about to escape, the spider monster has her strangled by her neck from his webs. Luckily Yi Kyung uses a piece of glass to cut her way through, managing her escape! As she returns to the group, she gives a good gut punch to Eun-Hyeok who knew there was a monster down in the electrical room but sent her down there anyway.

This spider monster is what nightmares are made of.

Next we see the apartment group voting to keep the infected separate from the rest of them. Just as they were voting, Seok Hyun’s (old & chep supermarket guy) nose begins to bleed profusely and it’s so gross! Yuck! Seok Hyun and Hyun Soo are now locked up together separate from everyone.

Sang Wook is then seen beating the shit out of Yoon Jae again, but for what reason? Yoon Jae volunteers himself to be locked up with Hyun Soo & Seok Hyun in order to be safe from Sang Wook’s beatings. This Yoon Jae is kinda suspicious and super psychotic-like. He asks Hyun Soo how to become a monster like him and Hyun Soo is obviously disturbed by this weirdo.

We find out that Sang Wook fought with Yoon Jae in order to secretly get his apartment keys.. I wonder what Yoon Jae is hiding in his apartment that Sang Wook needed to see?

The episode ends with the wheelchair man that saved Hyun Soo from the eyeball monster checking his bathroom on Myung-Sook who had been in there for a long while. Myung-Sook (mother who lost her baby) ended up turning into an enlarged glowing fetus. I wonder what kind of horror this monster will cause the residents? ~end of episode 4~

Myung Sook, what have you turned into?

Are you enjoying Sweet Home so far? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below in the comments!

Sweet Home is available to watch on Netflix now!

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