Sweet Home Episode 5 Recap

Hyun Soo and Sang Wook set out to go to kill a monster, but it runs incredibly fast. It has these deformed legs and can move around much quicker than humans. It grabs a hold of Sang Wook but it doesn’t kill him for some reason. Gil-Seob and Yu-Ri (the grandfather and granddaughter) approach with home made bombs and a crossbow and arrow. Are these weapons common in Korea? LOL

Back in the makeshift jail, we see Yoon Jae realize his keys are missing, which Sang Wook secretly took earlier while beating Yoo Jae up. He’s swearing and freaking out… but what is he hiding ? Meanwhile Sang Wook ends up finding the room that the keys unlock. ARE WE GOING TO FIND A FREAKING DEAD BODY IN HERE?

Inside the room there’s a camera set up on a tripod, surrounded by plastic wrap all around the room. Perhaps Yoon Jae didn’t want to make a mess?? The room is tinted in red, most likely for developing pictures. What San Wook finds is truly more horrifying that any monster in this world. He finds pictures of Yoon Jae’s and his students, but along those are pictures of beaten & bloody and tied up children. Disgusting. What kind of monster would do this?

Yoon Jae manages to leave the makeshift jail and grabs a sledgehammer that was hidden in a toilet. He manages to find Sang Wook and delivers a HUGE and bloody blow to his head. Too bad Sang Wook is too goddamn strong and badass to be defeated like this! Sang Wook then continues to beat Yoon Jae to a pulp using the sledgehammer, eventually dragging his body outside for the blood sucking monsters to finish him off. Sang Wook tries to close the gate to the apartment to lock himself out too but goodhearted Jae Heon stops him.

The episode concludes with the giant fat monster from the previous episodes killing the blood sucking monster feasting on Yoon Jae.

How did you guys like episode 5 of Sweet Home? Let us know if you liked this episode and what you’re looking forward to next in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to watch on Netflix now!

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