LoveStruck in the City Episode 3-4 Recap

Jae Won tells Eun-O to meet him at a certain time, only if she wants to be with him. She’s almost an hour late and Jae Won does not want to wait en entire hour for her! Eun-O realizes she actually likes this guy and leaves work abruptly. She runs in front of his car, and they embrace in the shining headlights of his car.

Jae Won and Eun O run into the rain, happily dancing in love. Later while she’s at work, he calls her through a payphone and serenades her though a telephone booth. I’m actually in love with him now! Now they’re taking wedding photos. That was quick! He has wedding bands prepared for the both of them and their picturesque love story looks so perfect.

We cut to the present day interviews and find out Eun-O threw away her ring already and was the one that dumped Jae Won. I wonder what happened with this lovely couple?

We see him having a company emergency and quickly jetting off to Seoul. They agree to meet at a certain day and time if she forgets his number, but this farewell is the last time they ever see each other. Let’s hope they get their well deserved reunion in Seoul soon!

Present day we see Eun-O meeting a manager in Seoul to beg for work. We see both Jae Won and Eun-O reminisce on their times surfing at the beach, thinking about how crazy in love they were back then. coincidentally, they are both driving and end up stopping at the same stop light! She spots him first and instinctively hides from his view and they end up driving in different directions.

At the end of the episode she realizes she needs to break up with him because the person she was with Jae Won was not the real her. Another reason for breaking up is left unanswered by Eun-O.. maybe she believes there could have been something more with these two?

Will we ever see this couple reunite in Seoul? It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for these two to have at least some interaction in Seoul since episode 1!

How are you guys enjoying LoveStruck in the City on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts on the episodes in the comments below!

LoveStruck in the City is available on Netflix now and releases new episodes every Tuesday and Friday!

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