Sweet Home Episode 6 Recap

We cut to Sang Wook as a young teenager, getting revenge on the arsonist that gave him his gnarly scar. He swiftly stabs this man in the neck, finally getting justice for himself. Cut to present day pre-monsters, we see a father trying to recruit Sang Wook to kill a man for money. This father has a missing daughter and is begging and pleading Sang Wook to find his daughter and kill the man who took her. This man turns out to be Yoon Jae, who Sang Wook already killed in a previous episode. We then see Sang Wook moodily burning the pictures of that father’s daughter and the money (7800 won) he gave him to find the killer.

Yi Kyung escapes the apartment on a motorcycle, on the hunt for her missing fiance.

Next we see a monster walking slowly toward the rest of the apartment residents. This monster is covered in long, matted hair. It turns out to be Seok-Hyeon and it begs Seon Yeong to kill him. She tearfully starts wacking him, eventually killing him. She cries later about it because its also the first time in 30 years that Seok Hyeon apologizes to her.

Si young returns to her fiance’s workplace, and inspects his office. She finds his tablet and tries to figure out the unknown password. The password turns out to be their expected wedding date. my tears are falling. She finds his notes on the disease and realizes he contracted and was going to turn into a monster. Just as she’s reading more, guns are pointed at her head and a special forces team takes her hostage to an unknown site.

She’s hung up by her arms and realizes the special forces have her fiance hostage. She realizes they need a person who can resist monsterization, and Si Young knows exactly where to find one!

We later see Hyun Soo tied upside down in a web covered in slime. The spider monster is back! And the super quick thunder thigh monster! The episode ends with the spider monster chasing down wheelchair man with one of the young children’s in its sinister grip! Gross!

Don’t look! The spider monster is suuper nasty.

Did you guys enjoy episode 6 of sweet home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to stream on Netflix now!

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