Sweet Home Episode 7 Recap

We see Hyun Soo get rescued by a few of the residents and they escape by car. The wheelchair man is still being attacked by the spider monster and gets stabbed in the leg in the process. The residents manage to pull it into a trap and throw fire bombs at it but it finds a way to escape. Luckily Hyun Soo is there to save the day! He stabs it in the chest with his electrical spear and it dies on top of him. Yuck! Hyun Soo limps away so he can heal in piece.

We see Eun Yu in the bathroom listening to headphones. Ji Su is trying to get into that same stall as she’s not feeling well. She faints cold on the bathroom floor. Could she be infected and be turning into a monster? Eun Hyeok inspects and diagnoses her with an appendicitis. If they don’t operate now, her appendix could burst and bacteria would spread throughout her entire body. They decide to operate on her, hoping for the best.

Cut to Hyun Soo’s backstory, he is bullied by his schoolmates when he offers the gang leader a hand. Hyun Soo finds out the bully only targeted him because the sky was so clear that day. Okay wtf? We see Hyun Soo walking along a street alone and sees the gang bullying another student. The gang leader offers that student money to pay for his sick mother’s hospital fees in exchange for jumping in front of a moving car. Super. Messed. Up. Hyun Soo feels righteous and pushes the gang leader into the street instead. Hyun Soo’s father is fired from his job the very next day and the other student does not get the money for his sick mother. The student with the sick mother comes to Hyun Soo’s house days later and tearfully blames him for his mother’s death. ;(

The episode ends with present day Hyun Soo driving away in a truck, but the vehicle suddenly gets pummeled and rolled around by the unseen muscle monster.

How did you guys like episode 7 of Sweet Home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to stream on Netflix now!

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