Sweet Home Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with Ji Su’s makeshift surgery in the apartment complex and Hyun Soo’s battle with the fat muscle monster. Just as Hyun Soo is about to die by the monster, Grandpa saves him but Yi Kyung is the real savior in this battle. Yi Kyung drives right into the fat monster with her firetruck, trapping it against a building. It puts up a good fight but she manages to push it off a building and trap it under burning debris to ensure it final death! This is an action packed scene and super exciting to watch!

Jae Heon drinks soju and Yi Kyung interrogates Hyun Soo on his powers. She cuts his hand with a knife and watches it heal in a matter of seconds. She tearfully interrogates him if he’s ever been able to fully escape his inner monster.

Has Lee Si Young always been this great of a pretty crier? ;__;

Seon Yeong reveals to the rest of the residents that she’s a monster and wants to go outside of the apartment to keep everybody else safe. All the residents want her to stay inside and instead lock her up in a room for isolation. She ends up bleeding from her nose profusely in front of Yi Kyung.

Surprise the security guard from episode 1 is a monster and is making his way up from the basement in the elevator! It has a face made of black flies and looks like his face is completely rotten, reminiscent of the rotten box of fish he received in episode 1. Hyun Soo senses the seriousness of the situation and jumps down multiple floors. He snaps his longest leg bone in the process and feels absolutely nothing. The security guard has his big ass weedwacker and is on the hunt for blood! Jae Heon stops him momentarily but his left arm is completely chopped off in the process! He goes into hero mode and grabs the katana that was still being held by his amputated arm and stabs the security guard in the heart. Jae Heon pushes them both into the elevator.

While the rest of the residents are tearfully watching all of these events unfold, Eun Hyeok throws a fire bomb at both Jae Heon and the security guard, setting them on fire. The episode ends with the elevator door closing on them and a close up of Jae Heon’s intense stare in the elevator.

Did you guys enjoy episode 8 of Sweet Home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to stream on Netflix now!

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