Sweet Home Episode 9 Recap

We see the residents burying Jae Heon, and Ji Su can’t stop crying ;( Grandpa is set on finding an underground tunnel or bunker in the apartment so everyone can hide. Then suddenly a military grade truck is driving straight into the apartment! There are gangsters in there, terrorizing the residents for no apparent reason other than for violence. Yi Kyung stays hidden from them and steals a briefcase from their car.

The gang gathers all the residents and draws a circle around them, making them stand all close together. The leader even shoots one of the female residents and she’s coughing up blood while the residents can’t help her and only watch her suffering

One of the members find Ji Su hiding, and this part is super gross. He sticks a piece of metal into her still bleeding wound from her appendix surgery and its straight up nasty! She pretends to be dead and the gangster leaves, but he’s probably going to come back for her.

Sang Wook is also lucky he didn’t get caught by the gangsters and happens to come across one of the kids hiding inside the vent. Turns out it was a green jello monster that luckily saved this kid!

The gang leader shoots Seon Yeong in the head and leaves her on the floor to die. Right in front of Eun Hyeok to watch it all. Yi Kyung snipes one of the gang guards to cause them to chase her. This causes Hyun Soo to spring into actions and fight back at he gang. Next thing you know Seon Yeong is back alive and killing mofos. Hyun Soo dives in front of Eun Hyeok to prevent him from being stabbed by Seon Yeong’s huge killing arm. He is impaled in the chest and it looks damaging! He strangles her and cries at the same time. The gang notices he’s a monster and take him to the rooftop to kill him properly.

Yi Kyung manages to save the rest of the residents, but not before getting beat up and kicked by one of the gang. Meanwhile on the rooftop, just as Hyun Soo is about to be killed by the gang leader, one of his crew kills him. Turns out this other guy Ui Myeong is a monster too, and just as someone shoots him in the neck, his neck shoots the bullet back out at the shooter LOL.

A helicopter drops fliers down all over the city stating that anyone who reports a special infectee shall get a reward. The episode ends as Hyun Soo and this weird Ui Meyong guy goes back down the elevator to meet the other residents..

Did you guys enjoy Episode 9 of Sweet Home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sweet Home is available to stream on Netflix now!

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