Sweet Home Episode 10 Finale Recap & Review

Ui Myeong is explaining to Hyun Soo on how scientists were torturing him to get his monster out but could not in the end. We see that the monster was not inside him but ACTUALLY HIM. You see blood leak out of a hanging person and instantly kill the scientists surrounding. Yes, the actual blood did this. The blood then creeps into a surrounding scientist body and become alive, becoming the new Ui Myeong. This guy is super crazy and thinks that monsters and humans cannot coexist in one world.

Ui Myeong and Hyun Soo eventually begin to fight, and Hyun Soo actually transforms into his final monster form. His arm that had a bunch of his self induced cuts on it turns into hundreds of spikes. He seemingly kills and burns Ui Myeong into a puddle of blood. But is really ded tho?

The old wheelchair man hugs Hyun Soo in order for him to calm down and turn back into his old self. This in turn causes the old man to be stabbed by Hyun Soo scary arm spikes. In another scene inhaler girl and Sang Wook die outside of the apartment, bleeding to death after escaping. Grandpa finally finds the hidden underground bunker! Yay! Yi Kyung finds him “sleeping” but he actually passed away during his rest.

Suddenly the real military arrives and starts shooting at the apartment. This makes everyone hide underground. Eun Yu is looking for Hyun Soo in his absence, and Eun Hyeok tells her to stay in hiding instead as he will look for Hyun Soo. He promises to come back. After he leaves Eun Yu realizes he isn’t coming back and unlikely to survive. This is so sad as she’s screaming and crying while everyone is trying to hold her back.

Meanwhile Hyun Soo is walking straight into where the military is, being shot at hundreds of times. This scene takes us back to the beginning of episode one, where he’s walking in the snow in the field of monsters. Yi Kyung eventually finds an exit point in the bunker, and the residents escape into the city. They are greeted by the military and Yi Kyung joins them as she’s seen wearing tactical gear later on. The military drives the residents somewhere as Yi Kyung tells them they must survive

The episode ends as Hyun Soo is seen captured in a military truck with an unknown driver. The driver turns around and is seen to be Sang Wook, but didn’t Sang Wook die earlier in the episode so who the hell is this guy??? This guy is assumed to be Ui Myeong, back to finish Hyun Soo off. They stare off at each other and the episode ends!

What did you guys think of Sweet Home? I give this drama a solid 8.5/10. The story was very well paced and engaging, and I LOVED the action. The only parts that gave me unsettled feelings was all the gore throughout the series. The first half of the drama showed us lots of interesting monsters, whereas the latter half focused on the monsters already in humans and how much more sinister they can really be.

Let us know your review on Sweet Home in the comments below!

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