Sisyphus: The Myth Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 is finally here, so let’s dive right in!

We see Kang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye) speaking to her father and he’s about to go somewhere… with the military perhaps? She ‘s tearing up as they depart as they can’t go together. He reminds her to remember to never cross paths with Han Tae-Sul. Who is this mystery man? It’s clear they aren’t going to see each other anymore for this tearful departure.

Suddenly, Seo Hae wakes up, was it all a dream from the past? She walks barefoot alongside a train-track which leaves her feet all bloodied up. All of a sudden she’s being chased by a hundred of dark suited mean in lit up gas masks. WTF? She’s dragging along a huge suitcase while trying to outrun them. Girl, leave that damn thing behind! Guns are drawn and she’s being surrounded and yet she’s just chillin on top of the train like nothing is happening.

We finally cut to Han Tae Sul on an airplane, showing off his Forbes magazine cover to a rude patron. So this smartie pants is the guy Seo Hae needs to stay away from! OMG now a rock flew through the captain’s quarters and killed him in an instant while another rock flew through one of the engines of the plane. Well this escalated quickly! Oxygen masks are deployed, objects are falling on people, it’s complete mayhem everywhere! Han Tae Sul manages to tape up the hole with duct tape while also saving the fainted copilot. Han Tae Sul begins facetiming his coworker whilst also trying to save the plane from crashing into Seoul. He begins verbally stating his will with an intent to die but we all know he can’t die in the first episode! He brings two wires together from the plane just as about the plane is going to crash.

Tae Sul wakes up alone, being the sole savior of the plane and its passengers. His coworker lectures him for leaving in the first place and yells at him to sober up and stop being a drug addict. He’s then in the middle of a session with his therapist but she keeps asking about his dead brother. Is this the man he keep’s seeing who’s not really there? We go back in time to see Tae Sul yelling at his older brother who came to his company’s listing and screaming nonsense about a suitcase.

Tae sul later bumps into the copilot all beatup on the street who mysteriously hands him a flashdrive. it contains video of the objects that hit the plane and upon further inspection, it was Tae Sul’s older brother and a large suitcase that hit the plane and caused the hole in the captain’s windshield! Was he just flying around for some fresh air?

We cut to Seo Hae who’s been taken in by a young man in a restaurant. She successfully predicts all the right lottery numbers and suddenly during a strange static interference episode she faints. She’s pretty hostile and protective of her suitcase which has lit up vials of mystery. The young man that saved her teaches her how to eat a banana as she was eating the peel and all earlier.

I wonder what a banana peel tastes like?

Now Tae Sul acts like Tony Stark with his technology and mathematically locates the suitcase that also hit the airplane. He manages to guess the passcode and opens it as the episode ends..

Did you guys enjoy episode 1 of Sisyphus? Sisyphus premieres every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix! See you guys next episode!

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