Sisyphus Episode 2 Recap & Review

Han Tae Sul answers a mysterious phone call from a phone that was inside of the suitcase. The man he speaks to manages to find out that Tae Sul is not who they were looking to speak to, but were looking for his brother. Uh-Oh! Trouble is coming! And so, trouble is exactly what he gets when he reaches home, a message written on his walls in red paint read, “Don’t look for your brother, or you’ll die.” Well isn’t that super menacing!

Upon further inspection inside the suitcase, he finds a camera roll and decides to develop them. What he finds is unnerving to say the least. He finds pictures of himself in the field and pictures of himself getting married to our lovely Seo Hae. He didn’t get married yet, so how in the world could this have happened?

We cut to Seo Hae, soaking in the sunshine and fresh air she never got before. She’s rudefully interrupted by the Control Bureau who have been tracking her down trying to kill her. She masterfully beats them all up Tom Cruise style and manages to beat a group of heavily armed men in a tiny apartment. It’s quite an action sequence as she makes her grand escape!

Tae Sul goes back to his old lab that he used to share with his brother, Tae San. He finds odd posters about himself and public announcements of his company with his name crossed out. Who could be after Tae Sul? The Control Bureau manage to find him but being the genius Tae Sul is, he manages to blow up the building he’s in to try and escape from the armed men. This is not enough for the Bureau to weaken so he is eventually captured and taken to their headquarters as a prisoner. He is suddenly “shot” in the head by these men next thing you know he wakes up back in his own bed.

The ending scene finds us with Seo Hae who gives the young kid the rest of his lottery numbers, while also taking his train ticket. Her mission is to find Han Tae Sul. She barely misses him at the opposite train station as she looks out the window as the train begins moving.

Well what an episode! Still waiting for Han Tae Sul and Seo Hae to finally meet in person. Seems a bit slow to me to have the two main characters not even encounter each other in episode 2. Let’s see how episode 3 goes!

Sisyphus: The Myth premiers every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix! Catch our next recap in episode 4, let us know how you felt about this episode in the comments below!

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